Everyone deserves to live in a warm, dry home and a Rental Warrant of Fitness (WoF) would help us achieve this.

Right now, the power imbalance between renters and landlords means people who rent too often end up living in damp, mouldy housing. The new Healthy Homes Standards are a great start to improving this, but if a rental home isn’t up to scratch it’s up to the people who rent to challenge their landlord on it.

Very few renters feel comfortable holding their landlord or property manager accountable. It could damage their relationship with their landlord and put their housing situation at risk. With so few rentals out there, leaving is often not even an option.

We need a simple way to ensure all rentals are up to standard without a stressful and expensive fight, and a Rental Warrant of Fitness would do exactly that.

Just like we already have for cars, a Rental WoF would make sure that all rental homes are up to standard. The Warrant of Fitness would make sure all rental homes are safe, warm and healthy to live in.

We know Labour listens when we stand together and demand change. Sign on now and help us show overwhelming public support for a Rental Warrant of Fitness.