Families are living in poverty thanks to unfair sanctions and low payments.

It’s time to change all that and put aroha and compassion back into how we support our most vulnerable. Are you in?

Here’s what the Green Party is calling for:

1. Increase baseline benefits
Our social support system shouldn’t leave the most vulnerable people living in poverty. No matter who you are in New Zealand, you should have enough to live with dignity.

2. Remove sanctions
Sanctions punish people for being poor. Kiwis know it’s about time we offered support for those trying to find work, rather than making things harder for them.

3. Change the benefit reduction threshold
Right now, benefit reduction thresholds are so low that people are often put a worse financial position than if they didn’t work at all. We want to increase this threshold, so no one is worse off for finding casual or part-time work.

4. Combine the In Work Tax Credit & the Family Tax Credit
Every child deserves a great start in life, but the In-Work Tax Credit only goes to some families – punishing people who can’t work. Let’s combine it with the Family Tax Credit, so all children benefit.

5. Moving towards a just system of individual needs
People are penalised for falling in love. We need to move towards a just system of entitlements based on individual need so that people can be in relationships of mutual support without fear of losing their financial independence.

Show your support and sign on to our plan.