Housing is a human right - everyone deserves a secure, safe, healthy and affordable home. 

Human rights are for everyone, but renters aren’t getting a fair deal. 




Right now, approximately 1.4 million people in Aotearoa live in rentals. Around a third of them live in cold, damp and mouldy houses, and the numbers are worse for our Māori and Pasifika whānau.  

Too many landlords and property managers give themselves a free pass on healthy home standards. Skyrocketing rents are being driven by landlord greed, not landlord costs. 

The status quo is making people sick and forcing New Zealanders to make choices between a roof over their head and other essentials. 

Real people are behind the dire statistics of damp, draughty, unaffordable homes. It's time to tell those stories - your stories - to build the overwhelming public support for change. 

By sharing your story with us and helping us build public understanding, we can make long-overdue change possible.  

Warm, dry, affordable housing is a human right. The only thing preventing that reality is a lack of mainstream political willpower. 

Tell your story to help build a campaign for change.

You are not alone. Political change happens when we use our voices and collective power to get politicians to fix the law. When you share your story, you're part of a movement. Together, we can make change happen. 

Ngā manaakitanga, 
Marama Davidson and Chlöe Swarbrick 
Green Party Co-Leaders