We’re calling on Auckland Council to get moving with the pedestrianisation of Queen Street.

Imagine a Queen Street lined with local eateries and small businesses, filled with green space and street furniture, sculpture, play areas, street markets and public art aplenty to explore with friends, whānau and co-workers alike. A destination Waihorotiu, Queen Street, with its own identity and culture - as opposed to a thoroughfare.

This Queen Street is entirely achievable if the right people make the right decisions, which residents and experts have been calling for, for over a decade.

Ten years ago, Auckland Council signed off on the City Centre Masterplan. The common-sense vision was to prioritise pedestrians through a programme known as Access for Everyone.

Ten years, a few court cases, innumerable consultations and a global pandemic later, there’s been a lot of delays, excuses and compromise.

It’s time to get on with it.

Join Chlöe Swarbrick, Green MP for Auckland Central, and the City Centre Residents’ Group in the fight to take back the streets for people, bring renewed vibrancy to our city centre and reduce air and noise pollution while we’re at it.