By working together we can solve the climate challenge - but we need to move faster!

The Green Party is leading action to ensure our emissions are reduced, whilst supporting communities to make the necessary changes and ensuring people aren’t left behind.

Our Climate Action Plan

Change is already underway, and includes:

  1. Driving down emissions by fixing the Emissions Trading Scheme.
  2. Ensuring major polluters pay by phasing out their free allocation of carbon credits.
  3. Establishing an independent Climate Commission to advise the government.
  4. Government funding for innovation, research and redevelopment into low emissions technologies.
  5. Establishing a Green Investment Fund that encourages private investment into low carbon technologies.
  6. Making large companies report on the financial risks they face relating to climate change.
  7. Setting a fair price for agricultural emissions.
  8. Making clean and electric cars more affordable with a clean car discount and clean car standard.
  9. Government funding for electric vehicle chargers.
  10. Investing in clean transport infrastructure like trains, buses, and bike lanes.
  11. Making it easier to build new clean electricity generation like windfarms and solar.
  12. Working with major industrial coal users to help them transition to cleaner alternatives, including biomass.
  13. Phasing out the government’s own coal use, such as to heat schools and hospitals.
  14. Working with local councils to reduce waste going to landfill.
  15. Establishing “one stop shops” for farmers to get rid of agricultural waste like chemicals and silage wrap.
  16. Updating the Building Code to encourage environmentally friendly building materials and techniques.
  17. Setting stronger energy efficiency standards for new buildings.
  18. Encouraging more medium density, affordable housing instead of urban sprawl.

These are all part of our cross-Government action plan to tackle the climate challenge.

We will continue to advocate for further and faster action.