Here in Aotearoa, we can choose to set an example to the rest of the world when it comes to sustainable agriculture.

To achieve this, we must stop harmful practices like intensive winter grazing, where large numbers of animals are crammed into a small space and end up wallowing in their own mud and waste for extended periods.

In 2019, in response to shocking media coverage of cows up to their knees in mud, and the advocacy of animal welfare and environmental organisations, a Winter Grazing Taskforce was established by the Government.

The Taskforce made 11 recommendations for how animal welfare could be improved, but we are still waiting for these to come into force.

Despite creating regulations in 2020, for the past two winters the Government has caved to agribusiness and delayed the implementation of these crucial regulations. Every year these are delayed, more harm is inflicted on Papatūānuku, and more animals endure horrible and unnecessary suffering.

Let’s strengthen regulations to support farmers who want to reduce pollution and keep animals healthy, rather than allowing this cruel and damaging practice to continue. 

Add your name and help us show the Government that enough is enough - animals deserve decent conditions all year round, and our soils and waterways need to be protected and restored.











Photo: Terry Madeley (CC BY 2.0)