Petition Begins:

The Coalition Government plans to superpower the climate crisis with new coal mining. We’re here - and we need you - to stand up and fight back.

For generations, people across Aotearoa New Zealand have mobilised to make it clear to politicians that the future of our environment and climate must be protected. We have stood up and rejected political choices that destroy conservation land and our native ecosystems. 

But now, National, Act and NZ First are trying to gaslight the country into opening up new coal, oil and gas exploration and extraction in the midst of a climate and biodiversity crisis.

This is not our future.

Destroying ecosystems and wiping out endangered species to make a quick buck for fossil fuel and mining executives is no way to protect the scientific fundamentals for life on earth as we know it, nor as we aspire for it to be.

On what planet?

Any politician who pretends that we can have a thriving economy on a burning planet is lying to you.

The International Energy Agency has told governments across the world that any attempts to mine and burn more coal, oil, and gas will send planet Earth over a dangerous threshold of warming into climate catastrophe.

Time and again, the Coalition Government shows its priorities in bypassing democratic process and undermining hard-fought climate and environmental gains.

They will only get away with it if we let them.

We can’t mine our way to a liveable planet.

Sign our petition to tell the Coalition Government to keep coal in the ground.

Join our movement for the clean, green future we all deserve and don’t leave politics to the politicians.