Auckland Climate Resilience Community Hui

We want everyone in our communities to thrive, confident that we'll be safe and secure despite whatever challenges we collectively face.

But this year's flooding showed us all that there's more work to do to ensure Auckland is resilient to the climate crisis.

There are so many ways that we can enhance our environment, improve our infrastructure, connect our communities, and upgrade our social services to not only improve community resilience but to make everyday life better too.


  • Ricardo Menéndez March (Green List MP based in Mt Albert)
  • Chlöe Swarbrick (Green MP for Auckland Central)
  • Julia Maskill (City Vision member for Albert Eden Local Board)

for a collaborative community meeting about what we can do to improve climate resilience in Auckland.

We'll hear from Ricardo, Chlöe, and Julia about their experiences and lessons from the flooding, and sit down to discuss and brainstorm what a climate-resilient future would look like for our communities.


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