Auckland Council is holding a public consultation on the Climate Action Targeted Rate (CATR) as part of the Annual Budget. We need as many people as possible to give Auckland Council a mandate to put climate change at the front and centre of its decision making.

Submissions are open now and close 5pm on Monday 28 March 2022.

The CATR proposes to raise one billion dollars over the next ten years to create dedicated funding to:

  • Get public transport closer to where 170,000 people live, study and work
  • Decarbonise the ferry fleet and more low-emission buses
  • Provide low-carbon transport options like cycleways and walkways
  • Plant more native trees in areas with low canopy cover
  • Provide better access to māra kai (food gardens)

This is much-needed funding for Auckland Council to begin addressing the climate emergency, and means the Council can put climate change at the front and centre of its decision making. 

With local elections coming up later this year, we know councillors will be listening intently about what the public want. To ensure this extra half a billion dollars for climate action to pass, we know we need the Auckland Councillors to hear overwhelming support for strong climate action.

Submissions close 5pm on Monday 28 March 2022. 

Making a Quick Submission

1. Click here to go to Auckland Council's submission form

2. Tick Support to Question One 

3. Under “Tell us why”, write a personalised sentence 

4. Scroll down and choose Save and Continue - other questions are optional 

5. Fill out your details 

6. Done! 

Making a Submission

1. Click here to go to Auckland Council's submission form

2. Tick Support to Question One

3. Under “Tell us why”, introduce yourself.
E.g. My name is... and I [live in… work as… study… am a parent of…]

4. Use any of these statements below to get you started about why you support the Climate Action Targeted Rate. Make the statements your own. Personalised statements have more impact: 

Start with…

  • More needs to be done in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland on climate action
  • I want climate action now for the future of my children 
  • We are living in a climate emergency 
  • Paying a little now means we’ll hopefully pay less in the future
  • Not everyone has equitable access to public transport
  • This is a good first step to tackle climate change
  • In 2019, Auckland Council declared a climate emergency. The Auckland Climate Action Targeted Rate must be passed to show that this declaration is more than just an empty gesture/words.

Build your point of view…

  • Reducing transport emissions will go a long way
  • I want to know my kids are safe when they cycle and walk
  • Climate justice has to be a major focus because
  • More frequent bus routes will make it easier for me to get around all of the city
  • I want more options to get out of my car
  • Decarbonising the ferry fleet is a really important step toward reaching climate goals

Going further and faster…

  • Council should have dedicated funding for tangata whenua-led initiatives 
  • We cannot delay this package so it should not be pushed off to 2024
  • More buses need to be decarbonised and quickly
  • Front-load the fund so more gains can happen before 2030 
  • More funding needs to go to the parts of the city that have low canopy cover and fewer green spaces 
  • Take more incentives away from the use of private vehicles 
  • Create more māra kai and plant even more native trees, and provide initiatives to build community

5. Scroll down and choose Save and Continue - other questions are optional

6. Fill out your details 

7. Done!

Thank you for your commitment to achieving climate action in Tāmaki Makaurau.