Wellington Council Amalgamation

Submissions are now closed

The Local Government Commission’s draft proposal for a single Miramar to Masterton council for the Wellington region risks our local voice and identity.

We love Wellington, and the Green Party is asking you to send in a submission to oppose the Commission’s ideologically driven proposal which may harm our ‘coolest little capital in the world’.

The Commission’s draft proposal fails to learn the lessons from Auckland.

The proposal risks reducing local voices on local issues. The Miramar to Masterton proposal is too large and will reduce the democratic relationship between councillors and voters. 

The proposal will centralise power with far fewer councillors making the decisions that matter.

Wellington’s shared services already work well, the Commission is trying to fix something that isn’t broken.

Any change to Wellington needs to come from the people of Wellington. A referendum on the proposal is essential. We all need to have a say in the future of our democracy.