It's time for New Zealand to walk away from the TPPA and we need to make sure that John Key knows that we do not support this bad deal.

With your support we can do this. Ask your friends to join you in saying #NoWayTPPA.

Email John Key

Email John Key today to tell him that you do not support his Government signing the TPPA on behalf of New Zealand.

Email tip: explain in your own words why you are against the TPPA.

Use our form or email direct

Chalk your opposition where everyone can see it

Make your mark and spread the word – chalk your opposition to the TPPA and share a picture on social media using #TPPANoWay

Posted by Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand on Sunday, 9 August 2015

#TPPANoWay – write it on the footpath outside your house, or on a busy street in your neighbourhood. Make sure you take a photo and share on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #TPPANoWay

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