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Swimmable Rivers -Tiakina ngā wai

Nick Smith wants your feedback on his watered down rivers policy

This consultation has now closed.

We've been campaigning for Environment Minister Nick Smith to set a 'swimmable' standard for our rivers and lakes. Now he says he's done it - but there's a catch. Standards for rivers that he's calling clean enough to swim in will still make 1 in 20 swimmers sick with a nasty tummy bug.   

Rivers that were once a 'B' grade are now considered 'excellent' for swimming, so all the Minister has done is change the goalposts and rebrand 'dirty' as 'clean'.

We think that our rivers should be safe for swimming for real! Now is our chance to send a message, and tell the Minister that we don't agree with his watered down plan that has simply re-labelled the standards.

You can make a quick submission - even a couple of sentences saying you want stronger rules and sharing a story about your favourite swimming hole will help.

For more about the Government's watered down standards and how the Green Party will clean up our rivers:

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