Stop swamp kauri mining - sign the open letter

Tell the Government you want Northland’s precious wetlands protected from swamp kauri mining.

Sorry the open leter has now closed.

Northland wetlands are being plundered. Long-buried ancient kauri trees are being mined and exported in a lucrative and destructive industry.

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has been allowing the export of ancient swamp kauri logs and planks, largely to China, but also to the USA and Europe, despite this being illegal under the Forests Act.

Pressure from the Green Party and environmental groups has forced the Government to make some small changes to the way the law is enforced.

But those changes are just tinkering around the edges and won’t do anything to curtail this destructive trade or to protect our remaining wetlands and these ancient buried trees.

The mining and export of ancient swamp kauri logs needs to stop and a Ministerial inquiry started to prevent more environmental destruction and the loss of New Zealand taonga.