Support in the workplace -

Support in the workplace

Workplaces should support victims of domestic violence. Make a submission to the select committee considering Jan Logie's Bill.

Submissions have now closed.

Domestic violence has a damaging, yet often hidden, impact on victims' lives. 

Jan Logie’s Domestic Violence Victims' Protection Bill would guide employers and businesses on how they can support victims of domestic violence, for example by providing up to 10 days leave.  It will clarify that flexible working arrangements can be requested to manage the impacts of domestic violence in the workplace and that domestic violence is a hazard in the workplace that needs to be managed by the employer like other hazards, and that it is illegal to discriminate against victims of domestic violence for being victims.

Currently the Select Committee needs to hear from people who would be affected by the Bill. Your voice is important. The questions below are to help you make a submission to the Select Committee on the proposed bill. We encourage people to share their personal experiences or stories so that MPs can learn more about what families go through.

Your submission will be forwarded to the Select Committee, and you will be asked if you wish to speak to it. You can bring a support person along to speak. 

Submissions close on 28th April 2017.

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