We believe in a future where our day-to-day lives are powered by clean, renewable energy. Where there is cleaner air to breathe; genuine low-carbon transport options for everyone; homes that are heated by the power of the sun and kept warm by insulation; and where we work with nature to grow our food, not against it.

Right now, the Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) is our biggest chance to make this future a reality.

The ERP will be one of the most important, most comprehensive plans this Government creates. It will set out exactly how each Minister across Government plans to reduce climate pollution to meet our emissions targets and address the climate crisis. If done right, it will set us firmly on the path to a low emissions future.

We know our kids and our grandkids need this plan to be as ambitious as possible. Help us show Government Ministers that there is overwhelming public pressure for ambitious climate action by making a submission.

You can use the quick submission form below, or write a more detailed submission using our full submission guide.

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