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Government-owned Landcorp is in the process of converting swathes of land in the Upper Waikato area to dairy farms, and introducing 29,500 extra cows to the environment. The impact of those cows and the waste they produce will undermine the good work farmers have been doing to revive the river downstream.

The Government and Landcorp should do the right thing by our environment and responsible farmers and support a moratorium on dairy conversions. There’s only so much the environment can take, and we – along with many Waikato farmers - believe we’re at the point where it can’t take anymore.

We’re asking you to help us back our great farmers and rivers by calling for a stop to massive unsustainable dairy conversions.

To the House of Representatives:

We request that the House of Representatives asks the Minister for State Owned Enterprises to put a moratorium on all future Landcorp-managed or owned dairy conversions to help responsible farmers, and to restore the water quality of our lakes and rivers.