Stephen Jones, Youth MP for Kennedy Graham

On Monday 18th July 2016 I was lucky enough to be on a flight from my home town to Wellington where I was met at the airport and taken to Bowen House, Green Party Headquarters. 

Our first day was filled with meeting and greeting like-minded, green party youth parliamentarians, learning and new experiences. This first day set us all up well going into the real youth parliament event already having a large group of friends and ideas. The next couple of days were packed with debating, select committee groups and getting to know parliament. A highlight of the whole trip for me would have been on the first day with the Green Party, we were given a topic and in groups acted out a Back Benches event (minus the alcohol). I really enjoyed this part because there was no pressure to get the ‘right’ answer and all views were welcomed. I thoroughly enjoyed youth parliament because it is a fantastic, social event that gave me an in-depth view on how parliament works and what life as a MP is like.