We need a more ambitious plan to save the world’s rarest sea lion

The New Zealand sea lion/rāpoka was once found around the entire New Zealand coast. Now it is the probably the rarest sea lion in the world, with an estimated populated in 2015 of only 11,800 animals.

The sea lion protection plan that the National Government is proposing is shamefully weak.

It doesn’t do enough to stop sea lions being killed or impacted by fishing for squid, scampi and southern blue whiting.

Read the New Zealand sea lion/rāpoka Threat Management Plan consultation document here.

We need to get serious about protecting this endangered species which is found nowhere else in the world. We need a much more ambitious plan.

Sign our open letter to the Minister for Conservation and the Minister for Primary Industries and help save our sea lions.

This open letter has closed.

For more information on why sea lions are important see: www.doc.govt.nz/sealion