Save Our Harbour

Auckland Council has secretly voted to let Ports of Auckland steal away our harbour.

Within the next month, Ports of Auckland will begin building into Waitemata Harbour, the latest seabed construction project to expand into our ocean. The two 100m Bledisloe wharf extensions will block out our precious views of North Head and Browns Island.

We shouldn't lose more of our harbour to port sprawl.

In 2013, Len Brown stated:

“no significant decisions about the Port’s future should be taken by Auckland Council…before an informed discussion with Aucklanders took place, underpinned by a robust study.”

We’re asking that expansion halt until the final study into the long term future of the port is completed, and until we are sure this is the best outcome for our waterfront.

It’s time for Len Brown and Auckland Councillors to ask Ports of Auckland to wait.

Use the form below to email Len and Auckland Council; ask them to save our harbour. 

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