Palm Oil Action: It’s time for palm oil labelling

This campaign has now closed.

A huge number of products on our supermarket shelves contain unsustainable palm oil, causing mass deforestation, climate change and threatening the survival of the iconic orangutan and other species. 

At the moment most companies hide palm oil behind generic or obtuse labelling.

We need clear labelling of palm oil so that we can avoid buying products with unsustainable palm oil.

Let’s keep the pressure on

Last year, almost 3000 of you emailed the Minister of Food Safety, Jo Goodhew, asking that she vote for mandatory palm oil labelling rules.

The Minister was expected to make a decision this year – but it got postponed.

New Zealand’s largest zoos are now backing the call for mandatory palm oil labelling. With this renewed support, let’s keep the pressure on the Minister to do the right thing.

Send an email to the Minister below to tell her you want mandatory labelling of palm oil.  


Send an email to the Minister

This campaign has now closed.