The most important thing you can do in November is make phone calls! Join us for the Great Green Call-a-Thon! With your help we hope to contact thousands of Aucklanders to take action this month.

This your chance for hands-on calling training with two loved campaigns: Swimmable Rivers & North Shore Rail. Take advantage of this great opportunity and support your MPs on these campaigns: Catherine Delahunty, Julie Anne Genter, James Shaw, Barry Coates and Kennedy Graham!

We'll be calling every Saturday from the Volunteer Hub, 17 Mercury Lane, Auckland CBD 1010. Join us for the first calling event! 

Bring your laptop/tablet, mobile phone and a friend. We can provide materials if needed but supplies are limited.

#Trains4Shore #SwimmableRivers #SwimmableLucasCreek #SwimmableKaipātiki