North Shore Rail - more info -

North Shore Rail - more info

North Shore Rail — The Facts

  • A train tunnel, at an estimated cost of $3.5bn, is the most cost-effective option for improving transport between Auckland City and the Shore. In contrast, a six lane car-only tunnel is estimated to cost $5bn. Adding car lanes to a rail tunnel could hike the price up to $7bn.
  • Rail could move three times as many people as a motorway tunnel.
  • A road only tunnel will flood Auckland city with another 20,000 cars every day, including another 7,000 in the morning rush hour alone. This means more traffic congestion in the city and a less pleasant place for walking, cycling and socialising.
  • A road only crossing is the least popular transport option among Aucklanders, according to a UMR poll.
  • Rail is needed to handle public transport growth in Auckland; in the next 20 years three times more people are expected to use public transport.
  • The Government hasn’t consulted Aucklanders about its plans; and shows no sign it will until after the decision has already been made.