Protect Maui Dolphins - Green Party

Protect the Maui's dolphin marine sanctuary from oil drilling

To the Energy and Resources Minister, do not grant any exploration permits in the Maui’s sanctuary

The Government’s new block offer will open up another half a million square kilometres of our oceans to oil drilling, including part of the critically endangered Maui’s dolphin marine sanctuary.

4,242 sq km of the Maui’s dolphin sanctuary – roughly a third of its total area – is up for grabs by oil and mining companies.

National's decision to open up another half a million square kilometres to mining smacks of desperation from a Government that doesn’t know how to build a sustainable, 21st century economy.

With just 63 Maui’s dolphins left, it is hugely irresponsible to offer drilling permits in a third of the sanctuary where they live.

The Greens in Government will promote transformative clean energy projects to end reliance on the fossil fuels that cause climate change, not oversee desperate attempts to dig more up.

Sign our petition to the Energy and Resources Minister and help protect the Maui's dolphin marine sanctuary.

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