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Our oceans are home to an incredible variety of life, from whales and dolphins to seabirds and fish. 

Overfishing, habitat destruction, pollution and rapid changes in ocean temperature and acidity are running down the health of our oceans. We need our oceans to be healthy and we need to protect them.

The National Government’s proposals for new marine protected areas legislation leave 94% of New Zealand’s marine environment open for exploitation by oil and gas drillers, seabed miners and fishing companies. The new proposals will make it impossible to create deep sea marine reserves and marine protected areas in the Exclusive Economic Zone (a huge area of ocean 12-200 miles off-shore), except by special legislation.

New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone map

We need a network of marine reserves and protected areas in our deep oceans and close to the coast to keep our marine communities, habitats and species safe. We need to tell the Government that our oceans are worth protecting.


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