Make sure you tell the government that we will not accept damage to our oceans.

Creating a submission is your opportunity to share your perspective with decision makers, and you can do this within minutes. Below we’ve created a quick explainer, with instructions on how to create a submission on the Marine Consents Bill. 

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Why does this matter?

The moana shapes our lives. A healthy ocean is critical for protecting our taiao, feeding us, nourishing our mental health and wellbeing, and is also one of the greatest allies we have for addressing the climate crisis.

Right now, the coalition government is proposing a blanket extension to lock in existing marine farm consent for decades in yet another flagrant undermining of consenting processes. That’s over a thousand marine farms - without exception.

Blanket extensions are unjustified and risk locking in unsustainable practices for decades more, instead of allowing an opportunity to reconsider conditions and ensure environmental effects are avoided, remedied, and mitigated.

The Marlborough District Council, which deals with almost half of these farms, said they have already been working well with the industry, local community and iwi to reach an agreed plan for the sustainable future of marine farms in the district.

They advise: “The proposal…risks unintended consequences that will be detrimental to Marlborough’s coastal environment. These consequences will occur in circumstances when certainty has already been provided to the marine farming industry.

The coalition government is rushing this bill through parliament, which means the public only have ten days to respond to this proposal.

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What should my submission say?

Tell the Select Committee you oppose the Bill! Here are some points to help you get started on your submission. Most importantly, make it clear you OPPOSE THE BILL. 

General points:

  1. The current approach to renewing consents is fit for purpose, and provides an important check to ensure environmental impacts can be managed through appropriate conditions.
  2. Iwi, hapū and communities have only been given ten days to respond; industry groups have had months - despite longstanding claims of iwi and hapū in the marine and coastal area. This dishonours te Tiriti o Waitangi and is undemocratic
  3. The Government is making clear that their priority is profits over the planet and proper process. 

Changes you could ask the Select Committee to consider:

  • Reduce the timeframe for extensions to 5 years, and enable councils to start reviewing consents for renewal during this period. We would prefer no blanket extension, but if this approach is to be taken, a shorter timeframe is more appropriate.
  • Make the one-off review of consent conditions mandatory for councils, and not require approval from the director general of Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI).
  • Provide that the review of consents must include a review of the environmental conditions of consents, considering some consents may be up to 30 years old. This would allow consents to be re-assessed and brought into the existing resource management system, meet the latest environmental standards, and involve iwi/Māori in the consenting process.
  • Remove the limits on appeal rights on the review of outcomes.

Make a submission today to protect our beautiful moana, rights of iwi and hapū, democracy and our food security. 


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