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Right now, KiwiRail and the Government are deciding between investing in our electric locomotives or downgrading back to diesel. There’s still time to ask them to make the right decision.

We should have a say in shaping our future, and investing in electric locomotives is a common-sense way to ensure this future includes smart, sustainable rail infrastructure.


Tell KiwiRail you want our taxpayer funded railways to keep moving forward by e-mailing them today.

Example email:

Dear KiwiRail and Government Ministers,

I’ve heard you’re planning on doing the unthinkable – that you want to ditch our electric trains in favour of diesel.

If New Zealand is going to tackle climate change and develop sustainable rail infrastructure, this is the wrong decision. Switching back to diesel will only increase our emissions, and make us the laughing stock of the transport world.

I’m emailing you to ask you to rule out downgrading to diesel.

Updating our electric trains will create jobs right here at home; jobs that will be lost if we choose to import diesel locomotives.

As a New Zealand taxpayer, I want you to make the right decision. Please don’t use my taxpayer money to fund a downgrade to diesel instead of investing in a smart rail future.

Keep KiwiRail moving forward.