Show your support to end housing inequality

New Zealand’s housing market is becoming increasingly divided between people who own their own homes and those forced to rent for life with no chance of ever buying a home.

Here’s how the Green Party plans to end housing inequality: 

1. We’ll introduce our rent-to-own policy as part of the KiwiBuild Reset. Our rent-to-own policy will offer a pathway to those locked out by student debt, high rents, low wages, high housing costs, and high costs of raising a family. We’ll be offering a pathway to home ownership for anyone who has enough money to pay their rent, but not enough money to save a deposit.

2. We'll focus on those most in need of support with a plan to end homelessness through the Housing First programme, increasing incomes, and radically increasing state housing as an essential part of public infrastructure. 

3. We’ll reform the Residential Tenancies Act this term, to end no-cause terminations and ensure everyone has a secure home to live in. 

4. We’ll continue pushing for a Rental Warrant of Fitness, to ensure minimum standards for rental properties so that New Zealanders who are renting can have confidence that their house is dry, warm and healthy to live in, no matter what.