Conversion therapy is a traumatic, unethical, and harmful practice.

We have until the 8th of September to make it a thing of the past by making submissions in support of the Conversion Practices Prohibition Legislation Bill.

We've put together this submission guide to help you have your say: 

What to include: 

  1. Your name and reason for submitting

  2. Why you signed the Green Party’s Ban Conversion Therapy petition 

  3. Why do you think conversion therapy should stop?

    Optional: Any personal experience you may have had of conversion therapies as a survivor, friend or whānau member

    Optional: Go through the actual bill and suggest any changes. See templates by Shaneel Lal for details on things you could say.

  4. Select yes, I want to make an oral submission (this can be done by Zoom). You can always opt-out later, but you can't opt-in later.

Hot tips: 

  • USE YOUR VOICE: we want to hear your point of view.

  • KEEP IT SHORT: It does not need to be very long. Many organisations are writing lengthy submissions.

  • UNIQUE: Do not just cut and paste everything someone else has written

  • FOCUS: Pick one or two topics that you care about rather than try to cover everything

  • PRIVACY: If you are sharing personal knowledge or experience, do not name the people or place in writing. Once the law passes, you can take that information to the Human Rights Commission.

Submission Templates: 

If you'd like to use a template, End Conversion Therapy Aotearoa have put together these helpful templates below:

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