Help the Hauraki -

Help the Hauraki

We call on the House of Representatives to put an end to fishing methods that damage the sea floor in Tikapa Moana/Te Moananui ā Toi/Hauraki Gulf.

Specifically, please stop bottom trawling, purse seining, and dredging in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park, which includes the inner and outer Gulf, and the waters around Great Barrier Island.

Stopping the use of these destructive fishing methods will allow the seafloor and marine habitats to recover and help restore the health and mauri of Tikapa Moana/Te Moananui ā Toi/Hauraki Gulf.

Latest Supporters

  • Anna 2016-12-27 19:08:05 +1300
  • Our New Zealand Hauraki gulf needs protection from the scouring of the seabed floor which is destroying all aquatic plant life and fish nursing sanctuaries and schooling habitats. This damage contributes to climate change. Theres barrenness and death left in your wake !!! STOP THIS FILTHY RAPE AND PILL AGE!!! STOP NOW the fishing industry raping what we have with these ‘big ’ quotas and destructive means NOW!!! you are accountable for the damage being done!! Mother earth is a living entity. The water is a living entity. The aquatic plants contribute hugely to life on earth. The ignorance displayed by your corporation equates to that of the oil sludge being left round the world destroying the water, the living creatures and their sanctuaries, peoples livelihoods, the earths climate effect and for what exactly??? GREEDY PROFITS!! GREED REEKS OF PUTREFACTION, POISON AND SELFISHNESS. TAKE RAPE TAKE RAPE TAKE AND GIVE NOTHING BACK! !! IS ALL YOU DO!!! THIS IS WRONG. THIS IS UNSUSTAINABLE AND LACK OF RESPECT! Money will not buy a clean balanced healthy ecosystem or earth. The only thing money is buying is greed and poison, poison fish farming poison and death scraping ocean floors lazymans rubbish lying on oceans floors poison and death of fish and from seismic blasting which catapults earthquakes. STOP YOUR ACTIONS NOW! !! IF YOU DON’T IT WILL BE TOO LATE AND YOU AND ME ALL SUFFER.YOUR ACTIONS ENGENDER STARVATION TO THE SEA CREATURES AND TO US ALL, YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES AND THEIR FAMILIES. NZ IS NOW A SACRED SANCTUARY FOR FISH AND AQUATIC PLANTS. START SHOWING RESPECT AND CARING AND START BY STOPPING YOUR NEED FOR GREEDY PROFITS AND STOP YOUR DESTRUCTIVE SEABED FLOOR SCRAPING AND KILLING OF LIFE. STOP FOR 10 YEARS UNTIL THE ECOSYSTEM IS REPLENISHING. THEN FIND A SAFER WAY TO FISH AND MINIMISE YOUR INTAKE. IN THE MEANTIME FIND ANOTHER CRAFT OR BUSINESS!!!

    Beatrice 2016-12-27 19:01:45 +1300
  • Natalie 2016-12-27 18:21:33 +1300
  • Debra 2016-12-27 18:09:11 +1300
  • Alicia 2016-12-27 17:03:08 +1300
  • Melanie 2016-12-27 16:38:07 +1300
  • Jenna 2016-12-27 16:11:52 +1300
  • David 2016-12-27 16:03:18 +1300
  • Miriam 2016-12-27 16:02:51 +1300
  • Sofia 2016-12-27 16:00:56 +1300

New Zealanders love the stunning Tikapa Moana/Te Moananui ā Toi/Hauraki Gulf. It’s popular for boating, nature watching, swimming and fishing, and it helps support the livelihoods of more than 1.5 million people.

The sea floor in Tikapa Moana/Te Moananui ā Toi/the Hauraki Gulf was once thriving and colourful with mussel beds, scallop beds and sponge gardens. But it's being degraded - by sediment run-off, ocean acidification and destructive commercial fishing methods.

Commercial fishers in Tikapa Moana/Te Moananui ā Toi/the Hauraki Gulf use bottom trawling, a destructive fishing practice that involves huge nets being dragged over the seabed, crushing nearly everything in their path.

Tikapa Moana/Te Moananui ā Toi/the Hauraki Gulf needs better care to restore its health and mauri so that fish, dolphins, sea birds and other marine life are abundant, the water is clean and people can better enjoy this beautiful area.

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