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Submission Guide - Greater Christchurch Regeneration Bill

The Local Government and Environment Select Committee is currently taking submissions on the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Bill submissions close 4 December 2015.

The Bill repeals the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority Act 2011 and establishes a new legal framework for post-quake recovery in Christchurch from July 2016 until 2021.

This Bill will significantly affect the future of Christchurch and Canterbury. We want democracy back in the region. If we want an attractive, liveable and sustainable city we need to have a say about how decisions are made about the anchor projects and Christchurch’s future.

Key points

Give power back to the Christchurch City Council. Like the CERA Act, this Bill gives substantial powers to Ministers and the new entity Regenerate Christchurch. Elected councillors should be making decisions about the Christchurch’s future, not the appointed members of Regenerate Christchurch. The City Council should take over Regenerate Christchurch sooner than 2021. Councils, not relevant Ministers, should approve regeneration plans, and restore appeal rights to the Environment Court.

Axe the proposed new Crown Company that is proceeding with extravagant anchor projects such as the stadium and convention centre.

Add a new purpose to the Bill to establish the Avon-Otakaro River Park using the residential red zone.


Check out our submission guide


Make your submission online, by email, or if you wish to submit in writing, send TWO copies of your submission to:

Committee Secretariat
Local Government and Environment Select Committee
Parliament Buildings
Private Bag 18888
Wellington 6160


The select committee will be coming to Christchurch to listen to submissions so please ask to be heard. At least one Green Party MP will be part of the committee. You don't have to be an expert. If you are unsure about how it all works feel free to get in contact.


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