Gas Ain't Green

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There’s a proposal going through the Waikato Council at the moment that would see a new fossil fuel power plant built near Otorohanga in south Waikato.

Burning gas to make electricity isn't green, and it causes climate change. 17,000 hectares of new forest would have to be planted to offset the emissions from this power plant.

There are far better options for New Zealand – clean energy is our future, not fossil fuels.

Not only are we are stacked with a wealth of clean energy sources already, but with Kiwi know-how we could eliminate dirty energy and grow jobs doing it.

Sign on to tell the government we don’t need another fossil fuel power plant.

To the Minister for the Environment,

We want you to “call in” Nova Energy’s resource consent application to build and operate a new gas-guzzling power plant that burns fossil fuels.

When New Zealand signed up to the Paris Climate Agreement last year, we committed to reducing our contribution to global climate change. Building new fossil fuel power plants will make that harder.

Currently, limited notification means that only people who live next door to the proposed power plant will get to have a say. That’s not fair because climate change is an issue that effects everyone.

As Environment Minister, the power is in your hands. We’re asking you to do the right thing.

Nova’s plan to build a new power plant is a matter of national significance under section 142 of the Resource Management Act because:

  • There is widespread public interest and concern.
  • It is likely to affect New Zealand’s international obligations under the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • The effects of significant greenhouse gas emissions are likely to be irreversible.
  • It involves a significant ongoing use of resources (including fracked gas).
  • It relates to an electricity network utility that will have nationwide effects on the electricity system.

Do the right thing. Call in Nova’s resource consent application and stop Nova’s new gas-guzzler.