Half price public transport? We’re 100% on board. 

But if the Prime Minister's Cost of Living announcement in March 2022 showed us anything, it’s how easy it is to make public transport more affordable. That’s why we’re calling for the Government to go further, by making public transport fares free for everyone. 

At a time when communities have come together to keep people safe, we have also seen a huge transfer of wealth as a result of the economic response to COVID. We absolutely need the Government to step in and support our community through these challenging times. But it’s crucial that this is done while looking ahead and setting us on track to address other oncoming issues such as the climate crisis.

We must ensure that the support we provide goes directly to those who need it. In a time with widening inequality on top of a climate crisis, our response today must take into account where we want to be tomorrow. Making public transport free and encouraging climate-friendly transport options is key to achieving this.

By thinking ahead in how we act today, we can ease the pressure people face at the pump by moving away from our heavy dependence on fossil fuels. Along with public ownership, better wages for drivers, and increased service frequency, free fares would help create a world-class public transport system that works for everyone.

We know more people will choose to take public transport if it's free. In 2021, Auckland Transport trialled free fares and saw a huge 21% increase in the number of people who used public transport1.

Let’s use this moment to push for a response to these trying times, that supports our people while also transitioning to a climate-friendly Aotearoa. 



1. Auckland Transport (July 2021): Large numbers enjoy Fare Free Saturday