Why do we need a fair go for solar?

  • So that households and small businesses can stand up to the big power companies.
  • To achieve 100% renewable energy.
  • To reduce our carbon emissions.

What’s not fair at the moment?

  • The electricity companies have all the power. They set the terms, conditions, and buy-back rates for feeding excess electricity into the grid.
  • People face red-tape barriers connecting to their local lines company depending on where they live.
  • Anyone with their own solar system who wants to sell this clean energy back to the grid can face a 70% drop in the market price overnight.

What’s the solution?

  • Make the Electricity Authority a neutral, expert “solar sheriff”.
  • Get the Electricity Authority to set fair terms and conditions for solar electricity connections.
  • Get the Electricity Authority to set a fair buy-back rate for excess electricity sold back into the grid that works for households, small businesses, and the electricity companies.

We’re asking all political parties to support our Fair Go for Solar Bill, so that we can have a detailed conversation with industry and solar users about the best way the Government can support solar power. 

Will you add your name?

Background image by Michael Mazengarb, CC BY 2.0

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