Cruel tests for beauty: Let’s keep animals safe from cosmetic testing |

Cruel tests for beauty: Let’s keep animals safe from cosmetic testing - we did it!

Mojo Mathers MP has put forward a change to the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill to prevent the use of animals in testing for cosmetics.

New Zealand has no legislation prohibiting the use of animals for cosmetic testing despite the fact that here is a global move to ban these cruel and painful tests.

All 28 countries of the European Union, along with  Norway, Israel and India have already prevented testing of cosmetic ingredients and finished products on animals and many more countries are also developing legislation to ban these cruel tests.

It’s time that we caught up with other nations and stopped these cruel tests from ever happening here as well.

This is New Zealand’s opportunity to show leadership and be part of a worldwide move to ban animal testing of cosmetics.

Nearly 30 cruelty-free NZ cosmetics companies have signed an open letter supporting a ban on these tests here because such a ban would be good for the industry, consumers and animals and help protect NZ international reputation.

Please urge all parties to do the right thing, support #BeCrueltyFree and support Mojo’s amendment to prevent these cruel tests in New Zealand from ever happening.  

Send this message to New Zealand's Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy and John Key, Winston Peters, Marama Fox, Tracy Martin and Peter Dunne now to let them know that you want a ban on these cruel tests in New Zealand.


Updated 31/03/2015: We did it, thank you!

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