Make it count - Submit in favour of local democracy and our rivers

The Local Government and Environment Select Committee is currently seeking feedback (submissions) on the National Government's plan to stop Cantabrians from voting for all the members of Environment Canterbury.

Submissions close 19 November 2015

It is really important to make submissions on this Bill because it will significantly impact on the future of Christchurch and Canterbury. We want democracy back in the region.

Some key issues to highlight

Democratic representation

The Bill does not restore a fully elected regional council in Canterbury. It creates a New Zealand precedent by providing for a regional council with a mix of elected and appointed members. By reducing the number of elected councillors from 14 to seven it halves democratic representation. The members appointed by Ministers will be responsible to the Beehive not local residents.

Environment Court

The Environment Court continues to be side-lined by this Bill.  The Bill restricts access to justice by prohibiting appeals on matters of fact to the Environment Court and only allowing appeals on points of law to the High Court.