Save the Christchurch – Picton Rail Line -

Save the Christchurch – Picton Rail Line

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The South Island's main rail line has been decimated by huge slips following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake near Kaikoura.

Already there is pressure from groups like the Tax Payers Union to not replace the rail line.

Rail is essential for a sustainable and safe transport system. Moving freight by rail means fewer trucks on the road, fewer crashes, less pollution and ultimately less congestion in our cities and ports.

Add your name and call on the Minister of Transport to commit to funding the rebuild of the South Island rail line.

The Government is coming under pressure to not rebuild the damaged South Island rail line. Call on the Minister to commit to funding the rail rebuild.

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  • Lynnaire Liversedge
    signed via 2016-12-15 02:44:00 +1300
    Rail essential service not a luxury
  • Tim Hitchcock
    signed via 2016-12-14 23:21:25 +1300
    My thoughts are with the people of South Island and I hope to visit again soon. I really hope the Picton, Christchurch line is saved. Speaking as a regular tourist to New Zealand, no trip to South Island is complete without a ride on the Coastal Pacific. It was always one of the highlights of my NZ adventures and it would be heart breaking to know I have ridden the Coastal Pacific for the last time.
  • Niall Robertson
    signed via 2016-12-14 17:11:57 +1300
  • kiri spain
    signed 2016-12-14 13:27:15 +1300
  • Korbinian Poschl
    signed via 2016-12-14 10:51:44 +1300
    Korbinian Poschl
  • Philip Saxby
    signed 2016-12-14 10:10:20 +1300
    If NZ is to have a sustainable transport future, it will include the South Island rail line. A bonus is that the Picton-Chch line is a magnificent journey along the east coast. Better to relocate the road inland, than lose the rail service along that coastline.
  • Ian Fleming
    signed 2016-12-14 09:49:25 +1300
  • Albert van Veen
    signed 2016-12-14 09:35:05 +1300
    There are not enough fully utilised railway links in this country already.
  • Ann Walker
    signed 2016-12-14 06:17:22 +1300
  • Clyde Lambourn
    signed 2016-12-13 22:24:24 +1300
    It makes good sense to transport major bulk long distance freight by Rail, with trucks delivering to local hinterlands from rail supplied distribution centres. This would reduce heavy transport impact on our roads making them less costly to maintain and safer for other lighter road users. Therefore repair and upgrade the damaged South Island rail line, change the freight handling strategy with distribution centres, and repair damaged roads,
  • Sky Williams
    signed 2016-12-13 18:17:51 +1300
    Rail is essential for a sustainable and safe transport system. Moving freight by rail means fewer trucks on the road, fewer crashes, less pollution and ultimately less congestion in our cities and ports. More rail, and fewer road developments make sense.
  • Michelle Rail
    signed via 2016-12-11 00:14:30 +1300
  • Lester Clarke
    signed via 2016-12-10 18:19:46 +1300
  • Shona Smith
    signed via 2016-12-08 21:55:53 +1300
    This rail line is needed to transport freight. The roads are not built to carry all of the heavy trucks that would be required to transport the same freight. This is also a great passenger service, once again keeping large buses off the roads. It would be a huge step backwards not to rebuild not to mention bad environment.
  • Rutger Keijser
    signed 2016-12-08 15:21:24 +1300
  • Peter and Judith Malcolm
    signed via 2016-12-08 11:48:04 +1300
    Peter M Malcolm
  • Judy Martin
    signed 2016-12-07 12:25:24 +1300
  • Darryl Bond
    signed via 2016-12-06 23:18:24 +1300
    Rebuild the line AND upgrade tunnel clearances to be able to take truck trailers on rail wagons as they do elsewhere in the world – less congestion on the narrow roads and it benefits the environment as a bonus.
  • Ian Umbers
    signed via 2016-12-06 22:27:04 +1300
  • Shaun McMaster
    signed via 2016-12-06 19:43:31 +1300
  • Henk van der Kolk
    signed via 2016-12-06 11:48:45 +1300
    It allready was bad in 2010, so repair it. The country can’t without a propper railwayline trough the country.
  • Pamela Nicol
    signed via 2016-12-06 09:03:11 +1300
  • Dustin Waldron
    signed via 2016-12-05 21:14:22 +1300
  • Ryan Cottrell
    signed via 2016-12-05 20:27:49 +1300
  • Graeme Robb
    signed via 2016-12-05 19:50:13 +1300
    The road infrastructure is 3rd world! You need to transport freight by rail!
  • Selina Clare
    signed via 2016-12-05 18:09:10 +1300
  • Andrew Ross
    signed via 2016-12-05 16:33:14 +1300
  • David Hauser
    signed via 2016-12-05 16:09:36 +1300
  • Hari Mishra
    signed via 2016-12-05 12:39:50 +1300
  • Guy Wellwood
    signed via 2016-12-05 10:51:14 +1300