Bottled Water -

If they’re taking it, they should pay for it

That the House of Representatives put a fair price on the commercial use of water, such as for bottling water for sale and for irrigation.

Our water rules are not exactly water tight!

Right now companies can use huge amounts of our water for next to nothing, and make money out of it.

That's not fair - water is precious, and many of our rivers and aquifers are being polluted and are under stress.

Bill English has tried to dampen public outrage by getting an advisory group to look at it. But he won’t commit to doing anything despite knowing we need to act now.

The Green Party says that if they’re taking it, and they’re profiting from it, they should pay for it!

That money can then go to Regional Councils and Tangata Whenua to support the important work they do.

If you agree, please sign our petition calling for a charge on the commercial use of water.

Doing so will help protect fresh water for future generations!  Tiakina ngā wai.

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