Changing the name from the
Clive River to Te Awa o Mokotūāraro

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We’re asking you support the proposal to alter the official place name Clive River to Te Awa o Mokotūāraro for the river that flows from Pakowhai Road Bridge northeast of Hastings to join the mouth of Ngaruroro River, which flows into Hawke Bay.

When you click the link at the bottom of this guide, you’ll be taken to the submission form on the website of Ngā Pou Taunaha o Aotearoa New Zealand Geographic Board. You’ll be asked for your full name, e-mail address, and the town or city you live in. There will be a question on affiliation to iwi, hapū, community group – this question is optional.  However, answering this will show the high level of local and other iwi support for this kaupapa.

Here are some reasons you can use when supporting the change in name to Te Awa o Mokotūāraro:

  • “My connection to Te Awa o Mokotūāraro is [your connection] and what the change in name means for me is [what it means to you].”
  • “As Maori, I want to show my support for the ahi kaa of Kohupātiki marae as they reclaim tino rangatiratanga over their awa.”
  • “We need to move on from names that reinforce colonisation to names that demonstrate a deeper history in Aotearoa.”
  • “It’s very important place names in Aotearoa preserve the stories and past memories held by the ahi kaa.”
  • “Robert Clive has no association with the area but the ahi kaa of Kohupātiki marae have a long and unbroken connection. We need to honour that.”
  • “Changing the name to Te Awa o Mokotūāraro is the first step to reclaiming tino rangatiratanga over the awa. And it’s a very important first step to take.”
  • “Restoring the rightful name of this awa will right the wrong that occurred in 1975 when the Ngaruroro Moko-tū-ā-raro ki Rangatira awa was renamed Clive River after flooding caused the awa to be diverted.”
  • “The ahi kaa at Kohupātiki marae have said restoring the name is a reclamation of their whakapapa. I support that.”

Ready? Let’s go!

Click here to make your submission on changing the name of Clive River to Te Awa o Mokotūāraro.