Save Our Electric Trains -

Save Our Electric Trains

KiwiRail’s has decided it will replace our electric freight trains in the North Island with dirty diesel trains.

That means not only more climate pollution, but ultimately a slower and more expensive rail service on the North Island that will see more freight move onto road.

At a time when New Zealand needs to be investing in low carbon infrastructure, replacing electric trains with diesel ones is the ultimate example of short-term thinking.

It's not too late to stop this going ahead. The decision has only been made in principle and it will take a number of months before the purchase new diesel trains can be signed off.

Please sign this petition asking Parliament to review KiwiRail’s decision to replace electric trains with diesel ones.

We request that the House of Representatives review KiwiRail's decision to replace its electric freight trains with diesel locomotives.

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    Greg Patel
  • signed via 2017-01-08 18:31:05 +1300
    Absolutely nuts and a typical example of saying one thing and doing another. What we should be doing is completing the electrification of the Main Trunk Line under a new RONS scheme (Rails of National Significance) instead wasting $billions on RONS (Roads of National Significance – even if they aren’t and don’t add up financially; “build it and they will come” as Gerry put it).
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    It is most important to be divesting of our fossil fuel generation and transport systems so as to enable cleaner air and also to help mitigate climate change. Doing the opposite is a most irresponsible stance.
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    If money’s the problem use the $973m for Hamilton bypass – cut emissions, not increase them –
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    Govt should electrify the whole system. Pulling it out & changing to diesel is criminal. Trains and carriages should also be made in NZ
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    The North island Main truck should be fully electrified from Wellington to Auckland on the same voltage
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    Elizabeth Allen
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    This is incredibly short-sighted and reckless, given the impact that climate change will have on our country. Keep the electric trains!
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    Replacing electric trains with diesel ones gives completely the wrong message in light of the looming climate change disaster this planet is only just starting to see. Instead of looking at just the economics of a portion of rail, please look at the bigger picture for New Zealand and in fact this planet, and direct KiwiRail accordingly.
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    As a planet we should be doing all we can to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Re-establishment of an efficient rail network that moves freight off roads and enables relocation of population and families into rural areas is one way forward.
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    Diesel only increases the mess are we leaving for our grandchildren
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    It’s 2016, and we know the damage we are doing to the planet. Why go backwards? Why ruin the planet our children’s children will live on.
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    What an idiotic choice. Keep electric rail!!!!
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    It’s crazy and saddening that we are moving back to diesel locomotives when the rest of the world is moving towards faster and cleaner electric trains. The government needs to invest less into roading and more into rail.
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    Its a no brainer. Electricffy the whole North Island Main and Kiwirail stop telling porkies because your polictical master wont give you a decent budget.Never mind, big dividend cheques for those pollies that have large trucking company shareholdings.
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