Save Our Electric Trains -

Save Our Electric Trains

KiwiRail’s has decided it will replace our electric freight trains in the North Island with dirty diesel trains.

That means not only more climate pollution, but ultimately a slower and more expensive rail service on the North Island that will see more freight move onto road.

At a time when New Zealand needs to be investing in low carbon infrastructure, replacing electric trains with diesel ones is the ultimate example of short-term thinking.

It's not too late to stop this going ahead. The decision has only been made in principle and it will take a number of months before the purchase new diesel trains can be signed off.

Please sign this petition asking Parliament to review KiwiRail’s decision to replace electric trains with diesel ones.

We request that the House of Representatives review KiwiRail's decision to replace its electric freight trains with diesel locomotives.

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    Short term thinking is a result of having too many bean counters in positions of power, forward thinking and common sense aren’t facets of their species, NOT being able to see the wood because of the trees is hard wired into them
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    Replacement electric locos from Dalian are way cheaper than the Diesel locomotives.

    They could be an electric version of the DL loco to satisfy the need for standardizing equipment as far as possible.

    The main difference would be that the ELs would have an transformer/rectifier instead of a dirty diesel motor.

    The could be built to be “Duel Voltage” I.E AC/DC to enable them to run in the Wellington area.

    The electrification should be extended from Hamilton to Auckland and Palmerston North to where the DC lines begin.

    That way the same locomotive could travel through.

    This would further save imported fuel and add to our “clean green” image.
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    Peter Alan Watson
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    More trains less cars! More electric trains less dirty diesels
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    Think about the future and all the problems you’ve had with your DL locomotives.
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    30 years we have run electrics this way on our network. Why change it now in a time that Global warming is a big issue throughout the world and we all meant to be doing our part. They need to stop running our railway as a postal service world wide. Railways are run as a government asset not as a profitable business, thats the just the it is and always has been, for decades. we are going backwards at a rate of knots
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    The future is electric. How stupid to go back to dinosaurs.
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    Martine Jefferson
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    It’s unfortunate that the current pro-trucking government has made it so hard for KiwiRail to fund themselves. Once again it comes down to the cheapest option to make up for all the years of rail being used as a political football.
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    ‘We’ claim to be a green and forward thinking society and this crap shws just how dollar driven ‘we’ really are. Invest in the future, our future, our children and grandchildrens future…..the bloody country and planet…sheesh….get a grip people we are killing our species off.. Brent Bevan