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We’ve all seen the newspaper stories of sick children and families living in damp, cold homes. Too many of us also have our own renting horror stories to share. Now, we have a chance to make these stories add up to some real change.

The Government has put forward some new rental laws and are asking for the public’s views on them. We’ve got until Wednesday the 27th of January, to tell the Government we want a fair deal for renters.

New rental laws have the potential to make a positive change to the lives of the million-plus New Zealanders who rent their home. Sadly, the National Government’s current proposals are just not enough and risk being a missed opportunity.

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Use your story to make a change. The Government is listening: it's time to share your story of what it’s really like to be a renter in New Zealand. Speak out today by making a submission so that all New Zealanders who rent can have a warm, safe and secure home and the chance to grow roots in their community.

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We have serious concerns about whether the Bill will actually improve New Zealand’s rental housing stock. Significant improvements need to be made. Our concerns include:

  • The Bill is nowhere close to being a rental housing warrant of fitness, which the Green Party and many health and housing advocates have long advocated for. This means that, despite this Bill, many rental homes will continue to put New Zealanders’ health at risk.
  • This Bill does nothing to encourage long-term tenancies and stability for families who rent. Good tenants should be rewarded by having stability of tenure. There are many things the Government could be doing to encourage long-term, secure tenancies, but it is choosing not to engage.
  • The Government’s Bill will make some insulation mandatory in some rental houses (but not all), make smoke alarms a legal requirement in all rental houses, and make changes to the way the Tenancy Tribunal operates. That’s just not enough when what we actually need are significant and meaningful changes to protect New Zealanders who rent their home.

More information about submitting to a parliamentary select committee

Make your voice heard and make a submission in three easy steps:

  1. Write your submission, including your renting story, and your call for stronger rental rules. If you have time you can include any serious concerns you have about the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill as it stands. 
  2. Upload your submission online through the Parliamentary website or email it to  

Do this by Wednesday 27th January.

We need your help. The Green Party is collecting stories to find out more about what’s wrong with renting in New Zealand. After you have made your submission on the Government’s proposed renting rules please share your renting story with us below.

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