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Imagine life if one of your most important documents, your birth certificate, didn’t say who you really are.

That’s the reality for many trans and intersex people in our community.

Each birth certificate has a gender marker, M or F. This indicates the sex of that person. Lots of people though do not consider that their current gender marker correctly identifies them.

Right now, outdated, complex rules determine how to change the gender marker. Trans and intersex people have to provide evidence to a court, often very personal or medical information, and the court decides.

A decade ago, the Human Rights Commission highlighted the need to simplify this process. Nothing happened. Then, last year the Commission recommended again that we should follow the same process we use for drivers licences and passports: self-identification. That would mean changing the gender marker would be simpler, less traumatic, and more up-to-date with international human rights standards around the world.

Now’s our chance to finally get it right. Submissions are open on a range of changes to the law that covers birth certificates. The proposed Bill does not mention the unfair barriers trans and intersex people face. That's a big glaring hole, and we need your help to fix it.

Make a quick and easy submission to make sure everyone has the dignity of their official documents matching their gender.

More background:

How to make a submission

The more people who can make a submission the better!

Put your submission in your own words about why you think we should have a better process to change gender markers on birth certificates. Include stories about your own experience that will help the Committee understand why a better process is so important for you.

The form on this page gives a series of suggestions about what to include in your submission, but you can write or sign whatever you want to tell the committee.

Ensure you tick if you want to speak or sign to the committee. Your submission will carry more weight if you do. To make a submission you can either fill in the boxes and click submit form or you can click here go to the Parliament website to make your submission.

Submissions close: 2 March 2018.


*Check out this guide for further information on making a submission

*Please note: your submissions will be published in their entirety on the Parliament website alongside your name. If you wish to include information you consider private in your submission, please email the Clerk of Committee for advice.

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