Green Party Budget for All Mothers

What would make your life easier?

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  • Luke 2017-06-23 07:54:43 +1200
  • Kathleen 2017-06-14 10:13:40 +1200
  • Hi, are you aware of the situation mature single parents are in whilst in full time study? There are times when I wonder if I am actually in some kind of bizarre stress experiment rather than changing my story so I can get better and more consistent work and provide a better life for my kids. Sing out if you would like to hear more – and kia kaha with your good fight. Megan
    Megan 2017-06-13 14:22:33 +1200
  • proper baby, family, and mum friendly Maternity leave entitlements.
    I have returned to NZ while on maternity leave in Ireland. I have had 26weeks paid leave (had to stay within EU to be paid.) Now on 13weeks unpaid. Will then have accrued annual leave and public holidays to use before I look for work in NZ. As the main earner in our family I don’t think we will be able to have a second child given NZs poor Maternity leave options.
    Sophia 2017-06-05 12:03:25 +1200
  • More financial help for low- middle income families to buy our own home! More financial help for day to day living as wages are low and living costs high
    Sharna 2017-06-04 00:03:07 +1200
  • Maternal mental health help in all areas of the country (Whitianga doesnt have any).

    Easier access to child disability allowence and home help when you have sick kids.

    If a breastfeeding mother gets mastitis or needs other breastfeeding assistance it should be free to see the doctor.

    Maternal, all mental health infact should be free to see gp.
    Krystine 2017-06-03 17:51:54 +1200
  • To be able to count childcare costs as a business expense (I can’t work without paying for childcare! Baby is under 3). Reduced taxes.
    Holly 2017-06-03 15:31:41 +1200
  • Free 20-30hrs ECE from 6 months :-)
    Charlie 2017-06-03 07:02:51 +1200
  • Thanks for this! I do need more money, but mostly because I don’t have time to earn it. I have a child with special needs. She qualifies for the CDA, but it’s woeful. I want to see subsidies so I can get childcare for my other child so I can work with her, one on one, to help her. I want what I do with her recognised as work – as much as any TA. I have a partner in full time work, and we wish she had been able to take more time off when our second was born. We were told that as I wasn’t working, she didn’t qualify for maternity/parental leave. We got the PTC but it didn’t cover the loss of 4 days income when my epidural went wrong and she had to take unpaid leave to look after all of us. Better support for parents from the get-go.
    Alexandra 2017-05-27 20:30:34 +1200
  • First of all, a LIVING WAGE for all. At the moment we have certain sectors of the population earning less for a job where they tend to work a lot harder than the people earning more. I make no apologies for saying that. It is true!
    Secondly, (judging by the recent budget), recipients of Family Tax Credits have been paid too little and taxed too much. I think again, this whole thing goes back to the rich paying little or no tax and the ‘middle’ or poorer people being taxed to the hilt in everything. Taking GST off fruit and veges may help a little, but it’s tinkering around the edges with a sticking plaster!
    Fiona 2017-05-27 17:07:22 +1200

The Green Party wants to help parents when they need it the most, by ensuring they have time and money to focus on raising happy, healthy kids.  

We were going to put up a big long survey to find out what you think, but we know you don’t have time for that.

So just tell us what would make your life easier and let us take care of the rest.

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